Built in 1926, the Grange Hall is one of the oldest buildings remaining in Duvall here in the beautiful Snoqualmie River Valley.  The handsome white and black-trimmed clapboard building has served many purposes over the years, but now its spacious interior and wood-fired oven are home to refined, yet casual cuisine focused on ingredients sourced from farms within our region.


The Grange at Twi



Small Group Reservations

For parties greater than 12 we offer a set menu served individually or family-style.  This makes for a smoother, more enjoyable experience.

Based on your group's needs and preferences, our chef will create a set menu using what is available from farm and field.

In keeping with our seasonal and local approach, ingredients and dishes change regularly.  We are happy to discuss options with you in advance.


Lounge & dining room

We offer full space rental for large parties, or lounge/bar and lounge/bar/farm table options, depending on size of your party.

 Private Events & Wedding Receptions

Allow our rustic, beautiful restaurant to be the backdrop for your special event. With an outdoor deck and three distinct indoor spaces in which to house your party (plus a dedicated children’s play area) we can take care of your needs for space, fine food and a full bar.

Spaces & Fees 

(Food and drink are additional and calculated per person)

Lounge & Bar: 
Our casual lounge and bar areas will accommodate up to 20 people for a mix and mingle gathering.  These areas are suitable for hors’ d’ oeuvresor a light buffet.

Weekday & Sunday: $200/2hrs $75/per additional hour  
Weekends:  $275/2hrs  $100/per additional hour

Lounge, Bar and Farm Tables: 
Expand your mix and mingle event for up to 40 people with the addition of more space and our two long farm tables adjacent to the lounge and bar.  Perfect for more extensive buffets and greater flexibility.

  Weekday & Sunday: $300/2hrs $125/per additional hour
Weekends:  $400/2hrs  $150/per additional hour

Our back deck overlooks a shade garden, has coverage, and accommodates up to 20 people for a seated event, or 30 for a mingling event. 

  Weekday & Sunday: $250/2 hrs $100/per additional hour
Weekends: $300/2 hrs $125 per additional hour

Entire Restaurant:  
This includes all indoor spaces, the Lounge, Bar and Farm Table area as well as the main dining room.  Seating 60-70. The outside deck is supplemental and priced accordingly.

  Weekday & Sunday: $1,000/3hrs  $200/per additional hour
Weekends: $1,200/3hrs  $250/per additional hour


Seasonal Menus for Your Private Event



 Food & Drink  

Pricing does not include 8.5% Sales Tax and 18% to cover event planning, staging and gratuity.

For group events we offer either a set menu or a buffet based off of our current restaurant menu and what is available from our regional farmers at any given time of year.  We are happy to work with you to create a menu that fits the needs of your group.  Allergies and special dietary needs are taken into account as requested in advance.

Buffet or passed hors d’ oeuvres:  
pricing starts at $15/person for light fare and runs to $75/person for a full dinner buffet.Minimum for the Lounge, Farm Table area or Deck are $180

Sit down dining:  
pricing starts at $20/person for family style dining and runs to $75/person for set menu coursed dinners. Minimum for the Farm Table area is $240.


Bar Option #1:  

$18/person for 2hrs  $24/person for 3hrs  

This covers beer, wine, cocktails and non-alcoholic drinks.
This is a set $ amount unless you choose to extend the time of the event.
This option includes a limited selection of drinks that are determined in advance.

Bar Option #2: 

We ring up drinks individually at the bar as we go and so you have a running total that you can check in on at any time.
This option can range from a limited selection of drinks up to a full bar at your discretion.
With Lounge, Bar, Farm Table & Deck rentals the bar minimum is $225

With a full restaurant buy-out the bar minimum is:
Weeknights & Sundays: $600
Weekends: $800


Buffet Option #1:  


Sample menu
·     Selection of house-made pickles, toasted-herbed nuts and olives
·     Cheese selection with accompaniments of quince paste, fresh and dried fruit
·     Seasonal lettuce and baby mustard greens with shaved vegetables
·     Selection of pizzas with seasonal additions

 Buffet Option #2:  


Sample menu includes all of the above, plus...
·     Roasted or sautéed vegetables of the season with fresh herbs
·     Roast Chicken OR -Braised Pork Shoulder

Buffet Option #3:  


Sample menu includes all of the above, plus...

·     Mushroom and herb frittatas
·     Bean salad with vegetables and fresh herbs

Any of above items could be cut and/or substituted with appropriate price adjustments.

Our Food Minimum is $1000.