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Team Sarah-n-Luke!

Team Sarah-n-Luke!


Dubious Restauranteurs…

 We are Sarah and Luke and we have farmed, not restauranted, for the last 20+ years.  We lived in Senegal, West Africa, where we learned about farming in a vastly different ecosystem. We grew into experienced farmers right here in the Snoqualmie Valley.

What the heck are farmers doing, running a restaurant??

Well we don’t know quite yet, but we DO know we love this valley and its farmland that grows delicious food. This Grange restaurant, situated on the edge of a gorgeous, fertile valley, is housed in a building that has served the agricultural community since its construction in 1926.  We feature food grown right here to help strengthen our community and, who knows, maybe make the world better.  

Our mission is to provide fresh, healthy, delicious, locally grown food to you in an uplifting atmosphere.  Our menu, which changes with the seasons, has been designed to celebrate the local bounty.

 A lot of the food you’ll find on your plate has been grown by us. What we cannot grow ourselves we purchase from other hard-working farmers in the valley.  We have an excellent staff who have joined us on this grand adventure, and we’re amazed and grateful for all the talent, hard work, and patience that they’ve brought with them.  We’re delighted that you’ve chosen to spend some time with us, and hope you enjoy your visit.